Molded plywood

Producer of plywood shells, backs, seats, etc.

About us

Our Company

Established in 2001, ZVEMIL is a family company, based in the western part of Serbia, in a small but beautiful town near the boarder with Bosnia.
Since 2002 it has been producing quality plywood seating components from beech veneer for the contract seating industry.
Numerous schools, cinema and theater halls, hotels and restaurants across Serbia and region are equipped with seatings that include our chair components.

Our Mission

Our mission is to stay quality and reliable producer of curved plywood seatings and furniture components, continually raising our technical and technological level of production in order to meet the expectations of our clients.

“Help you to get the best product you require.”

Our Values

Hard work, dedication, focus and a strong commitment to respecting deadlines, make ZVEMIL has almost a 20-year history of manufacturing quality molded plywood products, and is trusted partner in the production for our clients in the seating industry.

Our Goals

As an environmentally conscious company ZVEMIL strives to meet the following goals:
Minimize waste by evaluating operations and ensuring they are as efficient as possible,
Recycling wood and metal waste,
Minimize harmful emissions from our adhesives by using the lowest emission resins available on the market.


We design and build our pressing tools in-house and optimize them to the client’s specific requirements.
This allows us to maintain the highest quality of the product.
We also offer our clients several dozens of molds to choose from stock that can help them save time and money.

CNC Woodworking

Once the molded plywood panels are pressed, we machine them on Bacci 5-axis CNC machining-center.
This sophisticated computer controlled router allows us to produce a variety of consistently uniform and concise upholstery and exposed grade components.

Design Services

Apart from the already available products and designs, we can develop and supply any product
with design and specification that the customer is looking for ( but with a minimum order guaranteed).
We can offer technology and knowledge to help the client design and manufacture prototype.

Production capacity & Quality

• Our production capacity is about 60.000 pieces/year, which includes the 50s of models of bent plywood seatings, backrests, armrest and etc.
• The plywood thickness range is 4.5-40mm in form, quality and finishing scale requested by the client.


Our products: seat shells, backrests, armrests, different kind of seats and legs for chairs and other furniture components.

Seats and shells

Parts for contract furnishings of public halls, cinemas, theaters, etc.

Back rests

Molded plywood arches for upholstery industry of chairs for bars, hotel lobbies, etc.

Arm rests and other furniture parts

Furniture components that support chair design and other furniture parts.

“With our hard work and knowledge, we can firmly support the design of your chairs.”